UPDATE: 3DS Will Have Virtual Console For Gameboy, Gameboy Color Games

by Phil Kollar on Sep 29, 2010 at 11:50 AM

UPDATE: In the confusion of finding properly translated sources from Nintendo's Japan-only press conference yesterday, it was incorrectly reported that the 3DS Virtual Console will feature Gameboy Advance titles. As of last night, Nintendo has only announced that Gameboy and Gameboy Color games will be supported. Here's hoping they add Gameboy Advance to the line-up eventually!

ORIGINAL STORY: Here's something I've been hoping for ever since DSiware was announced years ago! Today at their 3DS press event in Japan, Nintendo revealed that their new handheld will come with its own version of the Virtual Console that will allow people to buy and download classic Gameboy and Gameboy Advance Color titles.

We don't have any info yet as far as pricing or how many games will be available when the system launches in North America in March, but at the event they showed off such portable treasures as MarioLand and Link's Awakening DX.

Ever since Nintendo started removing the GBA slot from new versions of the DS, I've been hoping for this move as a way to make sure these old portable games don't become totally impossible to find. So as far as I'm concerned, this is a great addition to the 3DS. Now let's just hope the pricing is sane (i.e. cheap).

[Thanks to @markmacd for the info in this story]