Marry And Impregnate Xbox Live Friends For Fable III Achievements

by Phil Kollar on Sep 20, 2010 at 03:25 PM

We had previously heard that Fable III will allow you to get extra close to your co-op partners on Xbox Live, but the recently-revealed full Achievement list from the game features even better news: You'll also get Gamerscore for your virtual dirty deeds.

MyGamerCard has the full list of Achievements, but be warned before looking that some of the descriptions could contain minor spoilers. These two jumped out at me the most:

Long Distance Relationship: Get married to another Xbox Live player
Cross-Dimensional Conception: Have a child with another Xbox Live player

Professing your love and consummating the ceremony will net you 10 Gamerscore each. Other interesting Achievements include performing a royal judgment while dressed up as a chicken for the "Coronation Chicken" award and wearing multi-colored clothing with long hair for the "Dye, Hippie, Dye" Achievement. Always nice to see some weird stuff alongside the normal progression Achievements.

[via Joystiq]