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Enjoy A New Analog Stick With Your Monster Hunter Portable 3 PSP

by Phil Kollar on Sep 15, 2010 at 07:10 PM

Given the undying popularity of the Monster Hunter franchise in Japan, it should come as no surprise that Sony is releasing a special Monster Hunter-branded PSP alongside the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. What is surprising is that the PSP will feature a bigger change than just a paint job: It will have a brand new, Monster Hunter-friendly analog stick.

Announced at Sony's TGS 2010 press conference, the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP will have an analog stick designed specifically to make extended play sessions more comfortable. Along those same lines, it will also feature the extended life battery, an upgrade that improves battery life while making the system a bit bulkier. This add-on has been otherwise discontinued in Japan, so the Monster Hunter PSP will be the only way to get it now.

No word yet on if this Monster Hunter PSP will make it to North America, but it will go on sale in Japan on December 1 for 19,800 Yen (around $230).

[some info via Joystiq]