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Dragon Flying Game Project Draco Announced For Kinect

by Phil Kollar on Sep 15, 2010 at 05:15 PM

As part of a group of major Japanese partnerships revealed at their TGS 2010 keynote, Microsoft announced that new developer Grounding Inc. is creating a dragon flying game for Kinect currently titled Project Draco.

The team at Grounding Inc. is apparently composed of developers who worked on the card-based action game Phantom Dust for the original Xbox. That team also includes Yukio Futatsugi, one of the main designers behind the original Panzer Dragoon (pictured above). It's no surprise, then, that Project Draco immediately was compared to Panzer Dragoon by various press members when the trailer was shown.

Little info on Project Draco has been released beyond that it will be a full body-controlled flying game and will be available on Xbox 360 sometime in 2011. We'll update the moment there's more.