Game Commercials You'll Never Forget: Metroid, Dragon Quest, And Mortal Kombat

by Phil Kollar on Sep 06, 2010 at 02:00 PM

Earlier today Matt Helgeson trashed a trailer for Adrenalin Misfits, an upcoming Kinect game. I'm far too lazy to pick apart a commercial to the extent that Matt did, but I found a few ridiculous/awesome game commercials from overseas that I thought were worth sharing.

First up, there's this insane Japanese commercial for Metroid 2 for the Gameboy. This mixes live action, stop-motion, claymation, and (for some reason) a comic book aesthetic -- essentially, nothing that you'd actually relate to a Metroid game. The few seconds of gameplay that are actually shown at the end are confusingly reflected in Samus' visor. Awesome?!

Next, there's a more recent Japanese ad for the DS remake of Dragon Quest VI. Once again -- and this is a thread in the Japanese commercials for all the recent Dragon Quest DS remakes -- they choose to go with mostly live action recreations of scenes from the game instead of the actual scenes. Is this just normal for Japanese commercials? Either way, it's really weird seeing the gravity-defying hair of JRPG protagonists realized in real life.

Finally, this European ad for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks features the MK games' special brand of justice brought to a board room. It's also much bloodier (and, as such, more awesome) than U.S. commercials. Once again, only a couple seconds of in-game footage, though.

Have your own favorite totally insane, weird, or awesome video game ad? Share it in the comments, and we might feature it in a story in the future!