Unlock New Character Slots In MAG For Recurring Fee

by Phil Kollar on Sep 01, 2010 at 03:30 PM

Earlier this summer, Sony promised us they are not abandoning MAG, and a couple weeks ago we heard about some of the changes coming to the online shooter. It looks like one of the ways they plan to continue supporting the game is through the use of recurring microtransactions. You can now pay a small monthly fee to unlock extra character slots in the game.

One of the surprises with MAG's release was that you could only create a single character to play for a single of the game's three factions -- Raven, SVER, or Valor. Now dedicated MAG players can pay $.99 a piece to unlock up to two additional character slots for 30 days. So basically if you're willing to pay a couple bucks a month, you can have one character playing for each faction.

A post on the MAG blog explains the new service and clarifies that if you let your subscription lapse for the extra character slots, the characters and their progress will remain saved on the server should you choose to re-up at a later time.

Any interest in checking out this feature or have most MAG players already moved on at this point?

[via 1UP]