Cosblog #33: Battle Suit Jill By Spif Zaya

by Meagan Marie on Aug 31, 2010 at 10:51 AM

While Jill Valentine may be better known for her S.T.A.R.S Uniform or tube-top ensemble, Jill’s battle suit debut in Resident Evil 5 made quite an impression. Check out cosplayer Spif Zaya’s take on the costume below, and be sure to watch out for her at Pax Prime this weekend!

Who: The Character

Battle Suit Jill from Resident Evil 5

Why: The Decision

I have always been a fan of Resident Evil, even if I can’t find much time for games anymore. Resident Evil is just one of the games I grew up with. So logically when the new Resident Evil 5 game came out I had to take a look at it, even if I couldn't afford it.

With my costumes/cosplay as of late, I have been looking for new ways to challenge myself in costume making skills, mentally and physically, and battle suit Jill qualified for all of those challenges. Also, the costume itself is so dramatically different from her little old blue tube top she is recognized for. It’s a nice change to see a female character like her with more clothing on than less, and yet the suit still keeps her feminine appeal, beauty, and power.

What: The Process

With all the costumes I make I first sketch them out, including Jill's. Overall the design of the suit was mind-bending and more than once I thought about trashing the project altogether, but I wanted a challenge and Jill was it. I searched high and low for the materials needed and over the course of a month assembled the costume. To date, Jill is the most expensive and most time consuming costume I have worked on - with six yards of boning and well over 900 hexagons drawn on by hand.

Where and When: The Debut

Battle Suit Jill was debuted at AnimeExpo 2010. Her fully finished form will be debuted at PAX 2010 (Seattle).


The Gallery

Links: The Cosplayer

You can find more photos on Cosplay.com and DeviantArt.

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