Square Enix Reveals 360-Exclusive Run-And-Gun Shooter Gun Loco

by Phil Kollar on Aug 16, 2010 at 12:00 PM

If you thought that all Square Enix publishes are RPGs, think again. The Japanese publisher has just announced a crazy new action game coming exclusively to Xbox 360 titled Gun Loco.

This third-person shooter features what Square Enix refers to as "sprint-action" gameplay, which will apparently involve "running, jumping, ducking, and vaulting" in addition to the fast-paced shooting. Each of the game's characters will also have unique kill moves that sound comparable to Mortal Kombat's over-the-top, violent fatalities.

The story? The universe's most twisted criminals have been placed on a prison planet. As you might imagine, chaos breaks out, and you get to join in the fight for the different regions of this world. 12-player online multiplayer seems to be a major focus, with a variety of game modes promised.

As you can see from the screenshot above, Gun Loco has a rather unique art style created by Kenny Wong, the founder of kennyswork who has worked on numerous action figure lines. Hopefully this will help set apart from the average shooter. We'll let you know our thoughts as soon as we've seen more.