David Cage Wanted More Heavy Rain DLC

by Phil Kollar on Aug 16, 2010 at 12:30 PM

We were incredibly bummed to discover at E3 that planned downloadable content for Heavy Rain had been put on indefinite hold, but it looks like we weren't the only ones. In a new interview, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage admits that although he's ready to move on to his next project, he would have preferred creating more content for Heavy Rain.

Speaking to Joystiq, Cage explained the situation:

"I understand why the decision was made. From a creative point of view it was not my choice. I would have really preferred a thousand times developing the [Heavy Rain] Chronicles. I thought we had a lot to say about these characters, about their background. Things that were just mentioned in the game that had a true explanation in the background, and it's a little bit unfortunate that we won't be able to tell you the full story."

Despite his sadness over the fate of the Heavy Rain DLC, Cage was quick to point out that he's happy to be moving on to his next project. "A decision had to be made and it's a decision I respect," he said, adding that the choice "makes sense."

Hopefully we'll hear more about that next project soon. In the meantime, Heavy Rain fans do have one more big addition to the game to look forward to: A patch this fall will add in support for Sony's new PlayStation Move motion controller.