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Half Life Barnacle Sculpture Solves Pest Control Woes

by Meagan Marie on Aug 09, 2010 at 05:03 AM

Remember this bad boy? I sure do. Etsy user LymansTerms obviously has fonder memories of Half Life’s Barnacle beast than most of us. So much so he created a tribute in sculpture form to the monstrosity, perfectly crafted to hang from your ceiling and molest innocent passersby. The sculpture is made of paper and cloth mache, and expertly painted to capture the essence of the stealthy carnivore.

This isn’t the most traditional piece of décor ever, but worthy of owning for interesting dinner party conversation. Too bad it’s not functional for when the evening takes the inevitable turn towards an elongated and awkward silence.

LymansTerms doesn’t recommend installing this piece in homes with small animals. Unless that's the point of purchasing it.