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ModNation Update Introduces Casual Mode

by Meagan Marie on Aug 03, 2010 at 04:36 AM

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Via the weekly ModNation Monday update, the official PlayStation Blog detailed a slew of tweaks and additions to ModNation Racers that will go live tomorrow.

Updates include decreased load times, a new casual difficulty mode, and the ability to invite friends to play in XP races. Additionally, the team has fixed the “Hot Lap” cheat that had allowed players to trick the system and log unbeatable times in the corresponding mode.

United Front also promise improved server stability and have removed the online game room, citing a player desire to get into the race faster as the primary factor for removing the feature. 

Also, after complaints that they were too difficult, three challenges have been toned down in terms of difficulty. The challenges include Devastator takedown on Wild Run, Devastator takedown on Modobahn, and Sideswipe 3 opponents on the cliff side on Fracture.

There are a few other tweaks of note, and you can check out the full list here. It's also worth popping in to see the ModNation Creations of the Week.

United Front Games seems to be doing a good job of integrating community feedback into the regular stream of updates to ModNation. If you’ve played the game, are there any tweaks you’d like to see come our way?