What's In Store For StarCraft II's Future? Blizzard Responds

by Phil Kollar on Aug 02, 2010 at 04:10 PM

While plenty of gamers are still just beginning to dig in to the lengthy package that is StarCraft II, the game's official forums are already buzzing with excited players breathlessly requesting new features. Despite seemingly deserving a short break after the game's legendary development time, Blizzard has already started responding to some of these ideas.

As reported by Big Download, Blizzard is joining the StarCraft II community in beginning to think about what might be made available in future updates to the game. What's the word? New challenge missions are "certainly a good possibility," replay sharing is "a functionality we're interested in providing our players at some point in the future," and there are "no current plans" for increasing the map size limits, though Blizzard is keeping an eye on that issue.

Personally, I still have nearly half of the single-player campaign left plus challenges, and I haven't even dipped my toe into online multiplayer or co-op modes, so what's next hasn't really entered my mind. How about you? Any major additions or changes you'd like to see for StarCraft II in the future?