Project MyWorld Was In The Works Before Crackdown And APB

by Phil Kollar on Jul 30, 2010 at 04:00 PM

Earlier this week when developer Realtime Worlds announced their new social game, Project MyWorld, I noted the oddity of such a friendly-looking game coming from the studio that brought us Crackdown and APB. Apparently, the comparison was not lost on Realtime Worlds either.

In a new post on the MyWorld site, design director Sean Dugan revealed the history of the project, including the surprise that MyWorld is actually the game Realtime Worlds had in mind when they were founded back in 2002. Dugan explains:

"Along the way, separate teams were created to make Crackdown and APB with technologies developed on Project: MyWorld. But while the Crackdown and APB teams worked in the broad light of day, the Project: MyWorld team of developers churned away as a top-secret skunkworks project for years."

The post also gives a helpful reminder that, sure, Realtime Worlds founder Dave Jones created the original Grand Theft Auto. But he also created Lemmings, a significantly less gritty IP.

Dugan says Crackdown, APB, and Project MyWorld may be very different games, but they share a similar goal: to "create a vast open world and put power into the hands of the player." So perhaps the project isn't as surprising as I'd thought at first?