nDream CEO Argues For PlayStation Home As Game Platform

by Phil Kollar on Jul 15, 2010 at 10:45 AM

As social media grows, we've seen developers having more and more success on with mobile games via platforms such as iPhone and browser-based games via social networks like Facebook. While this trend is likely to continue, nDreams CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh is looking to another unlikely platform for the future of game development: PlayStation Home.

Speaking at the Develop conference, O'Luanaigh described his studio's experience working on games and social spaces for the Home platform and how these projects have been better than Facebook and iPhone projects. He praised Sony's Home Development Kit, calling it "essentially a great MMO engine" and suggesting that we'll see games "as exciting as Joe Danger" popping up in Home eventually.

O'Luanaigh pushed other developers to get in while they still can, noting that Facebook game competition has become extremely brutal, whereas there simply aren't many games being created for the "12 to 14 million regular users" currently on PlayStation Home. He believes a Home "gold rush" is inevitable and that developers should jump in now.

nDreams was founded in 2006 and has worked on games for Home, iPhone, and Facebook. Their biggest work in Home includes that alternate reality game Xi, the Pirate Galleon apartment space, and the Musicality space, which includes a rhythm mini-game.

Do you think O'Luanaigh has a point? Or is Home too niche of an audience to serve as a successful game development platform for all but a handful of studios?

[via Joystiq]