THQ: 3DS Will Fix Nintendo Piracy Problems

by Phil Kollar on Jul 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Though the Nintendo DS has been an astounding success for Nintendo the world over, one issue has plagued the system (along with the PSP): thriving piracy. If THQ executive vice president Ian Curran has it right, though, the new 3DS handheld could solve that problem once and for all.

Speaking to CVG, Curran said of the 3DS that "there's technology built in that device to really combat piracy." According to Curran, the current state of piracy on the DS has "made it almost impossible to shift any significant volume." The DSi took steps toward resolving the issue, and the 3DS will apparently go even further.

What is this amazing new uncrackable technology that Nintendo apparently has? Supposedly Nintendo couldn't explain it to Curran "because it's so sophisticated."

Part of Nintendo's efforts to combat piracy could include their new focus on digital distribution.

Regardless of how they accomplish it, Nintendo needs piracy to be less of a problem with the 3DS. Games are going to cost a lot more to make on the new hardware, so publishers will need to sell more in order to make it worth their time.