Someone Does The Unthinkable, Ports Super Mario Bros. To Genesis

by Phil Kollar on Jul 03, 2010 at 11:30 AM

If, like me, you grew up as a child of the 8- and 16-bit console wars between Nintendo and Sega, you may want to look away or brace yourself. This story may shock you.

A video on YouTube (embedded below) showcases a new version of Super Mario Bros. ported to Genesis via an emulator. The visuals and gameplay look pretty much spot-on with the NES original. The only difference is the music, which has been changed -- Sega fanboys might say improved, but they'd be wrong -- thanks to the Genesis' unique sound hardware. This port even (almost) has the old Minus World trick working!

Elsewhere on YouTube, to help prove that this port is the full game, user Localhbci has started uploading a five-part video series that will result in a full playthrough of Super Mario Bros. on the Genesis emulator -- kind of a heathen Super Replay.

To my fellow NES and SNES lovers, I realize your faith might be shaken by these events. But at least this is a near-perfect port of the game we love and not some insane, awful b***ard version, like this so-called Super Mario World port from a 2006 video:

Or this one from 2007 OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING:

I'm going to get my NES out of storage and spend the rest of the day holding it and crying.

[via Kotaku]