Four New Mounts For EverQuest

by Meagan Marie on Jun 30, 2010 at 05:00 AM

SOE’s flagship title EverQuest has a dedicating following. A decade after its release, the game is still being augmented with expansions and new downloadable content at the request committed fans.

Case in point, we just got word that four new mounts are available to purchase for 2,500 Station Cash as of today. The mounts include the Armored Planar Ardennes Saddle, Armored Royal Ardennes Saddle, Armored Battle Shire Saddle, and Armored Royal Shire Saddle. As expected, the mounts give each player a speed boost, extra AC, mana, and health.

Sony Online Entertainment currently has a few other online titles in their online roster – Free Realms, Legends of Norrath, The Agency, and the upcoming DC Universe Online, but it seems they are never too busy to remember their roots.