e3 2010

Ubisoft Announces Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Assassin's Creed, More For 3DS Launch

by Phil Kollar on Jun 15, 2010 at 08:20 AM

During their E3 press conference, Nintendo really pushed the point that a lot of third-party publishers will be strongly supporting their new 3DS handheld at launch. Ubisoft is clearly going to be one of the biggest supporters, as they've announced a list of six 3DS launch titles.

Tom Clancy franchises Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon will both be represented. Sam Fisher's adventures will be translated to 3DS with a "redesigned" version of Chaos Theory, the third Splinter Cell game. Not much info is available on the new Ghost Recon yet, but presumably it'll follow the same style as Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the latest game in the franchise.

Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy will be the third game in the series (after the upcoming Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) to put players in charge of the Italian assassin Ezio. This time, though, he'll be traveling to the East to find the origins of the Assassin's order. Could we see Ezio in locations we've normally attributed to Assassin's Creed protagonist Altair?

There will also be a new handheld Driver to go along with the franchise relaunch. Rather than taking place in San Francisco, Driver Renegade will take players to New York, where they must stop five crime bosses.

Two new IPs will also be kicking off Ubisoft's 3DS release list. Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike will allow you to control dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Hollywood 61 is described as "the first interactive 3D movie," tasking handheld gumshoes with solving over 150 puzzles and a mystery of some sort.

With six launch titles coming from Ubisoft alone, Nintendo may be correct in their promise of having the most third-party support ever at launch for a Nintendo system.