Atlus E3 Lineup Reveals Trine 2, New Game From Zeno Clash Devs

by Phil Kollar on Jun 10, 2010 at 08:53 AM

Hey, everyone, do you know that E3 is happening next week? Atlus does, and they decided to celebrate by revealing a (partial or possibly complete) lineup of brand new games that they'll be showing off at the show. Get the full list below.

First and most interesting on the list is Trine 2, the sequel to the PSN/PC puzzle-platformer from last year (pictured). Earlier in the week, developer Frozenbyte had hinted at an upcoming downloadable game with Atlus. Putting out this sequel makes a lot of sense as the publisher continues expanding their digital offerings.

Along those same lines, Atlus will be showing off Rock of Ages, a new game from Ace Team. This is the same developer that brought us Zeno Clash, which was recently ported to XBLA courtesy of Atlus. Ace Team has previously stated that it's working on a sequel to Zeno Clash, so whether this game is that sequel or something new entirely, we'll have to wait and see.

Don't think that Atlus is totally forgetting their hardcore RPG roots, though. In addition to these two games, Atlus will be giving first looks at dungeon crawler Etrian Odyssey III and a PSP port of strategy title Knights in the Nightmare.

Want more info on these games and anything else Atlus might have up their sleeves? Me too! That's why I'll be headed to see them next week at E3. Stay tuned to the site for first looks at whatever they've got to offer.