Sony Confirms PS4 Viral Video Is Fake

by Phil Kollar on Jun 09, 2010 at 05:20 PM

If you pay attention to the video game blogosphere, you may have witnessed a couple of mysterious YouTube videos floating around from a YouTube channel named "SCELabs." The videos claimed to be leaked teasers for an impending PlayStation 4 announcement. Guess what? They aren't.

Sony hardware PR representative Al de Leon broke it down for us in the simplest way possible: "I can confirm that this video is not from SCE [Sony Computer Entertainment]."

This isn't a huge surprise considering the unlikelihood of Sony introducing a next-generation console right when they're attempting to revitalize the PS3 with the new Move controller. And that's not even mentioning the still-shaky economy, which would make pushing expensive new hardware a bit risky right now.

Some writers had theorized that the "PS4" logo could be a new marketing scheme to push the motion-sensing and 3D capabilities being added to the PlayStation 3, particularly since the latest video seems to focus on 3D gaming, but apparently that is not the case.

I've included the latest SCELabs video below so you can check out what got people so excited. Add this video to the already long and growing list of crazy pre-E3 rumors that have turned out to be false.