Super Scribblenauts Revealed, Offers Improved Controls, Bigger Dictionary

by Phil Kollar on May 17, 2010 at 10:28 AM

We've known that a Scribblenauts sequel was in the works for a while now, but today Warner Bros. has officially announced Super Scribblenauts, an upgraded version of the surprise hit DS game that will be available this fall.

As was previously revealed, the biggest change for Super Scribblenauts will be the ability to modify your creations with adjectives. The press release offers some unique examples: "gentlemanly, flaming, flying zombies and purple, obese, winged elephants." This certainly seems like it will expand the game's already impressive vocabulary, although it also opens up more chances to discover words that don't work.

Of course, the press release also promises "upgraded controls," which will hopefully be good news for the many gamers who were intrigued by Scribblenauts' concept but disappointed with the imprecise control over protagonist Maxwell.

We'll likely hear more details on Super Scribblenauts soon, and hopefully we'll have a chance to check it out at E3, so stay tuned for more.