PSN Subscription Plan To Include A Free Game Every Month?

by Phil Kollar on May 17, 2010 at 09:20 AM

Rumors of a new subscription-based model for PlayStation Network have been building for a long time now, but today marks the first time that those rumors come with some solid details on how the service might actually work.

VG247 is reporting on word from a "highly-placed source" that Sony will finally announce the PSN subscription service at E3 next month. The service will cost "less than £50 per year" (around $72), and, most interestingly, will give subscribers the option to choose one free PSN game from a list of two to four every month.

In addition to the free game, becoming a paid subscriber will provide access to a music streaming service that VG247 compares to computer application Spotify. Supposedly, this program will be able to run in the background while playing games, allowing you to load up your own soundtrack.

One thing Sony apparently will not charge for is cross-game voice chat. The mystery source said this functionality is not being saved for subscriptions and that all current free PSN features will remain free. The source also says that though a PSP2 is in the works, it will not be announced at E3 because of a focus on the new PS3 Move controller.