Metroid: Other M And Sin & Punishment Delayed

by Phil Kollar on Apr 23, 2010 at 10:00 AM

When we saw Samus' latest adventure in Metroid: Other M a couple months ago, we were excited about the June 27 release date, but it also raised some potential concerns about the game for us. It's unclear if those issues brought on today's news from Nintendo, but both Metroid and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor will be delayed slightly from their initially planned release dates.

Sin & Punishment has been pushed back from it's June 1 release to Metroid's previous date of June 27. Meanwhile, Metroid Other M will now launch on August 31, closing out our summer instead of helping us get through it.

In addition to the delays, Nintendo also announced release dates for a bunch of upcoming DSiWare games (and one WiiWare game):

Photodojo (May 10)
Earthworm Jim (May 10)
Looksley's Line Up (May 17)
Frogger Returns (May 17)
Metal Torrent (May 24)
X-Scape (May 31)
Hero of Sparta (May 31)
Flametail (June 7)
A Kappa's Trail (June 14)

Bit.Trip Runner (May 17)