Blizzard Tempts Me To Spend More Money On Awesome Fake Things

by Phil Kollar on Apr 15, 2010 at 07:35 AM

Back when Blizzard launched their World of Warcraft Pet Store in November 2009, I speculated that it was pretty likely we'd see the mega-publisher offering up mounts for sale as well. That inevitability has finally come to pass. Check out the details while I ready my wallet for purchasing.

First off, Blizzard has added a brand new pet for purchases: Lil' XT, a twist on one of Ulduar's robotic bosses. He's available for $10, the same price as previous pets on the store.

The more genuinely exciting/terrifying addition comes in the form of the Celestial Steed, a 310% speed flying mount that looks totally awesome. Riding in that kind of style comes with a hefty price tag though: The mount costs $25, ten bucks more than a month of subscription time with the game.

You can check out the new Pet Store denizens for yourself on Blizzard's online store. Back when the Pet Store launched, I quickly threw down cash for the first couple pets made available. Maybe this time I'll be able to avoid blowing money on unnecessary visual perks that don't change the game? ...Yeah, who am I kidding, take my money.