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EA Expands Sports Active

by Meagan Marie on Mar 09, 2010 at 10:15 PM

EA has good news for those interested in interactive fitness; they plan to expand the popular Sports Active brand with the introduction of EA Sports Active 2.0. The facelift is significant this time around, more so than the addition of new workouts offered in the recent expansion.

Sports Active 2.0 will launch this fall for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, iPhone and iPod touch. Aside from the diversified console roster, the biggest update is the hardware itself. Sports Active 2.0 now includes three sensors, one for the user’s leg and one for each arm. The sensor on the left arm is equipped with a heart rate monitor, which tracks your pulse live on screen. The Wii iteration forgoes the right arm monitor since the player uses the Wii Remote by default instead.

The additional sensors allow for more accurate stats and progress tracking, all of which will be compatible with an online hub. Here players will be able to monitor their progress, join workout groups and use other social features to encourage personal accountability.

EA is staying hush hush about how the iPhone and iPod touch versions will function, but we expect that they will be supplementary tracking tools as opposed to portable iterations of the game.  EA also promises new environments to train in, new workouts and new drills.

Have any of you given EA Sports Active a go?