StarCraft II Beta FAQ Leak?

by Phil Kollar on Feb 16, 2010 at 08:10 AM

Now that we know that the StarCraft II beta is planned to begin this month, we should prepare for a flood of StarCraft news and opinions. That flood may have started today with a tiny leak.

StarCraft Source is reporting that they were anonymously sent a document via their tip line that is supposedly the official FAQ for the StarCraft II beta. While Blizzard has declined to comment on the FAQ's legitimacy, it's certainly worded in a way that feels real, and several of the questions are borrowed directly from the current beta opt-in FAQ on the official StarCraft II website.

As far as new information from the FAQ, the juiciest bit is this section on what game modes will be available in the beta:

"StarCraft II beta testers will be able to play a number of ranked multiplayer modes, include multiplayer ladder quick match, which has 1v1, 2v2, and free-for-all (FFA) modes. In addition, testers will be able to play unranked custom matches."

Sadly, the FAQ goes on to note that the single-player campaign will not be available in any form in beta testing, but it looks like you will have the opportunity to do skirmishes against computer-controlled opponents. The beta will also include a "map preferences" option that will allow you to select maps you want to auto-vote against when they come up for play.

Interestingly, the FAQ notes that there are two separate types of friends you can add to your friends list: "Real ID" friends and StarCraft II friends. Adding a Real ID friend will give them access to your full profile, which includes your real name and info on your characters across all Battle.net games (which will really only include World of Warcraft for now). For those added as a StarCraft II friend, you'll simply be able to see when they're online.

So what do you guys think? Legit FAQ? Or does it even matter until the beta is in our hands (and PCs)?

[Source: GameSpy]