NeoGAF Dudes Are Making A Game, Bro

by Phil Kollar on Feb 08, 2010 at 07:29 AM

Virtually anyone who's been involved in the gaming industry past the level of just being a fan has probably heard of NeoGAF, a popular online forum for the most hardcore of gamers to meet and discuss the latest releases and gaming news. Thanks to a bizarre turn of events, the forum won't just be talking about games though; a bunch of members are getting together to make one.

Grimoire Assembly Forge, a group made up of over 100 volunteers from the NeoGAF community, has announced that they're working on a top-down shooter titled Dudebro - My Sh*t Is F*cked Up So I Got To Shoot/Slice You II: It's Straight-Up Dawg Time.

As the name suggests, the game will parody the generic action heroes and plots that have become so prevalent in action games. Grimoire Assembly Forge promises "super-macho protagonists, excessive violence and profanity, chauvinistic overtones, and rampant immaturity." Protagonist John Dudebro will also collect old-school power-ups to help him dominate over-the-top boss battles.

For those wondering where this burst of creativity came from, the best place to start is the Dudebro wiki that the forum members started. Basically, a random off-hand comment from a forum member defending himself from an insult led to several other community members getting excited about the goofy idea of a game named "Dudebro." With that simple spark, a new game was born.

Perhaps most impressively for the indie project, Dudebro will be voiced by Jon St. John, the voice actor best known for his performance as Duke Nukem. As for why it's numbered like a sequel being the first game, the press release helpfully explains:

"Although Dudebro™ II is the first in the series, it has the number two in its name because sequels are always more awesome than original games -- as all hardcore gamer dudes know."

Fair enough. Dudebro is planned to be released as a free download for PC and Mac this summer. To keep updated on the project, check out the official Dudebro website and the Dudebro thread on NeoGAF.