Pocket Zombie Charity Pack: Put Meagan In Your Pocket For 99¢

by Meagan Marie on Feb 04, 2010 at 05:17 AM

Ugh. Sorry about slipping into the third person for a moment, but it’s decidedly hard to write a headline about yourself. It's even harder to flesh out a full news story of which you play a part in. But, here I go!

You may have noticed a peculiar addition to GI Spy in the current issue of Game Informer, namely, a screenshot from an iPhone game showcasing several game journalists boasting a deathly pallor. The game is called Pocket Zombie, and today marks the release of the Zombie Girlfriend Charity Pack.

Pocket Zombie tasks you with adopting a member of the elite reanimate club as a pet. Nurturing your zombie by feeding him brains will increase your level, unlock upgrades and more. If you fail to provide sustenance for your zombie he will starve and die…again. Securing brains leads to kill combos and wave bonuses, and even a potential risk of your zombie bloating from unrestrained gorging. Oh, there is also a secret zombie Thriller costume and zombie puppy. What else could you ask for?

Here is where the zombie girlfriends come in. The Zombie Girlfriend Charity upgrade sees several members of the gaming press (and one adored songstress) zombified. The roster includes IGN’s Jessica Chobot, Destructoid’s Chad Concelmo, Freezepop’s Liz Enthusiasm and myself. Each of us have our own unique powers to aid our undead boyfriend, mine being the ability to reverse polarity and double points for male or female brains depending on the color of my Corpse Bride dress. Sweet.

Each of us has chosen a charity to promote as part of the launch. Once the player has picked up Pocket Zombie for 99¢, they can donate an additional amount of their choosing to one of the four charities through the main menu. I’ve chosen to align with Child’s Play, but the other equally deserving organizations include Keep-a-Breast, CCIS Pasadena and the Humane Society

As part of the push to raise awareness about the charity pack, developer Panda Cake Productions is giving away gift cards from sponsors such as and iTunes. You can enter the running to secure these prizes by following PCP on Twitter, becoming a fan on Facebook, and more. Complete contest details can be found here.

I’ve got five promotional codes for Pocket Zombie to dish out to readers with iPhones. Since I wasn’t given any rules as to how to distribute them, I’ve decided to make the process fun. Continuing with the Valentine’s Day theme of the promotional material, I will give the codes to the creators of the five best/most original zombie Valentine quotes. What do zombie lovers whisper to each other in the dead of night? The guys at Panda Cake came up with “Will you zombie mine?” I expect you can do better than that. Submit your prose in the comments below, and I will message the winners through a private message in the morning.

Good luck, and if you happen to pick up Pocket Zombie, be sure to donate to one of the deserving charities featured!