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blog herding

Hoth Battles, Bad Dogs, Junk Mail and Crafty Gamers

by Meagan Marie on Nov 06, 2009 at 10:48 AM

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With the fresh content regularly updating our feed, it’s easy to skip over editor and community blogs. Our biweekly Blog Herding roundup should make staying in the loop easier.

Editor Blogs

Overheard: GI Editors Say The Darndest Things
Annette’s been keeping her ears to the ground this week, jotting down some of the odder things heard around the office.

The Deskside 1 & 2
Nick debuts “The Deskside #1 and #2,” proving that inanimate objects can speak volumes.

My Pile of Shame
We’ve all got one.  Jeff A. breaks down the pile of stellar games he somehow missed playing. 

Is The Force Unleashed's Reimagining Of Hoth Worth Playing?
Reiner gives readers his verdict  on whether or not the Ultimate Sith Edition is worth picking up.

The[Crafty]Gamer: Alana Dunitz
Annette highlights a new crafty gamer in her reoccurring blog.

The Prince Of Persia Gets More Mail Than I Do
The Prince receives two pieces of junk mail in one week and tops what Ben gets all year.

Borderlands Easter Egg Pays Off After All
Jeff is rewarded for his steadfastness with an interview and a ton of loot. A must read.

CosBlog #6: Kula Diamond by Catzilerella
I highlight another fantastic Cosplay work, this time from the King of Fighters franchise.

Community Blogs

Poem Post 2
Blogger Keo528 decides to share his poetry online. And guess what – he’s not bad. I am partial to the walrus poem myself.

Salty Reviews: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Salty gives The Ballad of Gay Tony 7 eccentric purple interfaces out of 10.

A Case For ESRB and Why Censorship Is Needed

Shawn Gordon posts an impressive and extensive piece arguing that there may, in fact, be a need for censorship in video games.

Brandon On His Stupid Dog
This one gets highlighted simply because it makes me feel better about my own dog. Good story STRAFE.

Music Games: They're Not All Plastic Guitars and Slammin' Drum Pads
Mr.SmashterMeister breaks down some nontraditional music games.

The Life of Your Death
Aside from a rampant case of unexpected underlining, Vote 4 Pedro puts together a fun piece on some of the more bizarre death sequences in gaming.

Community Update - 11.6.09
As always, Matt Brooker puts his finger to the pulse of the community and reports on the best community offerings.