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blog herding

Unboxed, Barking, Beauty, And Borderlands!

by Meagan Marie on Nov 03, 2009 at 11:40 AM

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Editor Blogs

Exclusive Unboxing Photos
Jeff likes to unbox things! Watch him go at a copy of LEGO Rock Band!

DK Mode Throughout American History
Dan has a real addiction to Photoshop. At least it produces humorous results.

Role-Playing Dogs: Which One Makes The Best Companion?
Reiner breaks down the best pooches in recent gaming.

Hip Hop/Video Game Flashback: "Super Brooklyn" by Cocoa Brovaz
Matt professes his love for video-game mashups.

Behold the Beauty
Resident Designer Jeff A. breaks down some atrocious cover art from games throughout the ages.

Editorials On The Modern Warfare 2 Video
A roundup in a roundup, this post compiles several editor opinion pieces surrounding the latest bit of Infinity Ward controversy.

How Far is Too Far? Reacting to the Modern Warfare 2 Controversy
Matt puts his thoughts on paper regarding the Modern Warfare 2 “airport” controversy.

This Is Not A Review: Way Of The Samurai 3
Jeff explains why he is surprisingly enjoying Way of the Samurai 3.

Rebinding Torchlight
Adam instructs readers on how to rebind keys in Torchlight.

CosBlog #5: The Third Colossus by Isaac Jones
Meagan (roundups require that I speak in third person) highlights one of the most impressive Cosplay endeavors on the web.

Borderlands Easter Egg Made Me Feel Like a Genius. For Five Minutes.
Jeff M. takes one for the team and investigates a Borderlands Easter egg so we don’t have to.

Reader Blogs

Nostalgic Memoir; the Chainsaw.
User Urufu Hiken professes his love for the chainsaw.

A Final Look Into Survival Horror

Rabid Chipmunk finishes up his study of survival horror with a breakdown of some truly nasty foes.

Vintage GI Part 1- A Tribute To Paul
AngelGamer compiles a heartfelt tribute to the late Paul Anderson, complete with images from Game Informer’s deep, dark past.

Some of the Best Texts Ever
Pokemon-Nerd tests if ChaCha really has an answer for everything.

An in-depth look at Rebellion's upcoming AVP
Manny compiles all his knowledge about AVP into one comprehensive report.

Community Update - 10.30.09
Matt Brooker continues his reign as community king with another Community Update. If we didn’t feature your blog here, it’s because he already did.