Game Informer Infiltrates Zombie Pub Crawl V: It’s Starting to Stink

by Meagan Marie on Oct 12, 2009 at 07:50 AM

Minnesota is known for many things, and one of them is the annual Zombie Pub Crawl. I don’t know of other such gatherings across the nation, so I am going to go ahead and make a totally unverified/bias claim and say it’s the best zombie pub crawl in the world. This year several GI staffers attended, whipping up some Left 4 Dead costumes in the process.

Haven’t participated in such an event? The Zombie Pub Craw is essentially like any other bar crawl, except it’s attended by legions of the undead. Over the past few years the event has grown exponentially. Three years ago there were five or six hundred zombies in attendance. This year 5000+ RSVPed. Only half attended because of the weather (snow flurries earlier that day), but it was still an impressive turnout.

So Minneapolis is taken over by zombies for one night of the year. A little bit of madness ensues with each event. There are inevitably those who don’t break from character and stop traffic, harass unsuspecting pedestrians and get blood all over the bars and restaurants they frequent. The next morning there are usually a slew of hung-over zombies, including a few undead in jail. We heard that this year a horde of zombies climbed all over a fire truck full of good-humored fire fighters. Good times.

We can verify that the GI staffers were relatively well behaved and had a fantastic time. Not satisfied with being your run-of-the-mill zombies, we decided to put together a Left 4 Dead group and do our best to stop the spreading zombie infection. I took the role of Zoey and Tim Turi joined us as a Hunter. The costumes went over very well – we were stopped all night for photos by fans of the franchise.

Dan Ryckert made his Zombie Pub Crawl debut as a normal infected and Annette Gonzalez joined us as a zombie Lara Croft. There was also a splinter group, comprised of Ben Reeves and a few friends, who decided to go as plants from Plants vs. Zombies. Most people thought they were dinosaurs.

I bribed a photographer with some beer to snap photos of the Left 4 Dead group throughout the night, some of which you can see below.

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Ben and Dan will share their impressions shortly. Ben needs to find photographic evidence that he attended the event and Dan is off  doing his job in another part of the country.

For now, enjoy a few snapshots of other cool zombies from ZPC V.