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Atlus Bringing Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition To Xbox Live Arcade

by Phil Kollar on Oct 01, 2009 at 05:12 AM

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When Chilean developer ACE Team released Zeno Clash for PC via Steam earlier this year, the indie title surprised a lot of people and gained some underground buzz. Many people noticed the game for its bizarre visuals and odd, gender-bending characters, but it also pulled in players because of a unique style of first-person fighting gameplay. If you're one of the many who never had a chance to jump into this strange world, you'll get a reminder early next year when Atlus releases a new Ultimate Edition of Zeno Clash on Xbox Live Arcade.

According to their announcement, the new version of Zeno Clash is earning that "Ultimate" title through both a smattering of new content and some tweaks and fixes to the gameplay. New modes and features are promised, although the only one they've revealed so far is a co-op mode called "Tower Challenge." To play this game type, you team up with a friend (presumably via Xbox Live) and attempt to survive against waves of enemies.

Hopefully soon we'll find out more info on what changes are being made to the game and whether or not there will be any additions to the regular single-player mode. Whatever else is coming, Atlus promises that this is "the definitive version" of Zeno Clash, and I'm glad they're taking a chance on doing an improved version of such an awesomely singular game.