Florida Fugitive Caught Stealing DS Games

by Phil Kollar on Sep 28, 2009 at 10:21 AM

A piece of advice for future criminals: When you’re on the lam and targeted as most wanted, it’s best to avoid activities that might draw attention to yourself. Case in point: Daniel Larson of Cape Coral, Florida, a member of the most wanted list in Lee County. Larson had three prior convictions and was wanted for violating probation on an armed robbery charge. Last week, the criminal was finally apprehended while attempting to steal $120 worth of Nintendo DS games.

News-Press (via GamePolitics) reports that Larson made this ill-advised gamble at a local Cape Coral Walmart, where he grabbed a bunch of DS packages and stuffed them into his pants and shoes. Larson was confronted, pushed the loss prevention officer in an attempt to get away, and was promptly arrested.  

In an interview with the police following the arrest, Larson admitted that he planned to sell the games to get money for drugs. If only he would’ve actually intended to play them, perhaps he could’ve kicked the drug habit for a much better addiction. Better luck next time.