Here’s Why Metro Exodus Doesn’t Have Multiplayer

by Javy Gwaltney on Feb 28, 2018 at 02:00 PM

Metro has always been a single-player narrative-driven experience, but the games’ universe does seem like it’s ripe for expansion into other genres and modes. The claustrophobic setting and the emphasis on firefights against both bandits and monsters make it seem like a great co-op experience could be crafted for that universe. During our visit to the 4A Games, we asked them if the team had considered creating a multiplayer Metro experience.

“I don’t think we can say [multiplayer] is something that isn’t interesting from a technical standpoint,” executive producer Jon Bloch says. “But our focus for Metro has always been a story-driven experience, y’know, filling the shoes of someone living in [Metro’s] environment and going on this journey.”

During our interview, Bloch mentioned that 4A had toyed around with a prototype for co-op but weren't satisfied with the results. "This is the sort of thing that is its own beast. You gotta spend just as much time working on it as you do the main game."

“Multiplayer is possible, yes,” creative director Andriy Prokhorov adds, “But to do it only for the sake of having multiplayer? We’re not interested. If you do it, it should be something really unique. We have an idea but….we are not doing it right now.”

So it sounds like multiplayer isn’t off the table for the Metro series, but you shouldn’t expect it for Exodus.

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