Here's How To Use Your Amiibo Collection In The Switch Version Of Skyrim

by Javy Gwaltney on Nov 16, 2017 at 05:02 AM

The Switch version of Skyrim is pretty good (you can read our review here). It also comes with amiibo functionality. Here's what you need to know about it.

You access the Amiibo functionality via your magic menu
Equip the power and then cast it. The spell will light up a place wherever your cursor is pointing. Touch the amiibo to your joycon/controller and a chest will plop onto the ground. 

You can use any Amiibo with it
Mario, Samus, Shovel Knight – you'll get a chest for every one of them.

The best gear is tied to Zelda Amiibos
While you can use any amiibo to get a chest filled with food, weapons, and apparel, the Zelda chests are the ones that come with unique loot. You have a 20-percent chance of getting one of three Zelda-specific items with one of these chests: The Master Sword, The Champion's Tunic, and The Hyrule Shield.

You can only use a single Amiibos per 24 hours
This is not a save scum case either where you just quick load back into a previous save and use the amiibo until you get the loot you want (like you could do in Breath Of The Wild). The 24-hour timer plays out across all saves, so don't try to be clever.

 You don't need to use Amiibos to get most of the rare gear
Just want the Zelda gear? You can grab everything except the Master Sword without using an Amiibo. Here's how.