A (Mostly) Spoiler-Free Guide To The Big Differences Between Wolfenstein II's Two Timelines

by Javy Gwaltney on Oct 26, 2017 at 11:02 PM

[Note: We're keeping things vague here but we do have to talk about general concepts so if you want to go in absolutely blind into Wolfenstein II, do not read this]

Wolfenstein II is finally here and much like The New Order, it gives you a choice between two timelines at the very beginning: save Scottish pilot Fergus or novice infantryman Wyatt from death. Either decision has notable effects on the campaign, so if you're curious (but don't want to be spoiled too much), you've come to the right place.

Essentially both choices shape how cutscenes play out, with group dynamics radically changed because of Fergus and Wyatt's different characterizations and traumas they're dealing with. For example: where Fergus might be overly rude to some new rebels joining your cause, creating an air of tension that carries through the remainder of the campaign, Wyatt might be kind and docile, bordering on being a pushover. Communications also change between missions as both characters serve as your handler from time to time. There are also a couple of Hub world missions that play out differently.

Outside of storytelling, the biggest gameplay difference is that each character is tied to a weapon. If you save Fergus, he gives you the LaserKraftWerk from the first game, an energy weapon capable of disintegrating foes and blowing down obstacles. Choose Wyatt and you'll get the DieselKraftWerk, an explosive minethrowing weapon capable of blowing up clusters of enemies and dealing heavy damage to robotic foes.

If you're going through the game for the first time and want my personal take on it: I'd go with Fergus. He's a more interesting character and his aggressive personality creates slightly more compelling interactions among the group. However, both timelines are fascinating enough on their own merits, so you're not really missing out if you go with Wyatt. 

But...seriously Fergus is so much cooler, y'all.

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