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30 Tips To Help You Decimate Nazi Scum In Wolfenstein II

by Javy Gwaltney on Oct 26, 2017 at 11:00 PM

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Wolfenstein II has finally arrived and with it a massive amount of ways to slash, shoot, strangle, and strategically destroy ever Nazi in front of you. It's not going to be an easy journey, however, as there are countless Nazis and their robots waiting to tear you limb from limb. Luckily for all you would-be warriors, we've got all the tips you need to help you refine your technique and discover neat unlockables tucked away within the campaign.

1. Strafe and sliding are your best friend when it comes to fighting both infantry and huge robots. Nazis have trouble aiming down, apparently.
2. You can used silenced shots from your pistol/machinepistol to distract enemies by shooting nearby walls.
3. Practice using the weapon wheel to arm yourself with dual weapons. It can take a few tries to get used to the back and forth wheels and you don't want to be practicing that in the middle of a firefight.
4. Armor is much more important early on than health since your health is limited to 50 HP. Be sure to collect as much armor as you can in the early hours.
5. There are a number of massive robots that crop up during the campaign. You can actually run past most of them toward your objective if you want to conserve your health and ammo.
6. Silenced machinepistols are incredibly useful as they're capable as stealth weapons but powerful enough that you don't have to switch from them immediately if you get caught up in a fight. Make that an early investment.
7.Practice different dual-wielding combinations, like a shotgun for clearing out hallways in one hand but an assault rifle to reach far away foes in the other.
8. You are not invincible while in the middle of a melee execution animation so don't go running out into the middle of a battlefield, chopping Nazis. You will die.
9. The speedy Ultron-like robots are a pain but the machinepistols with the nail-gun attachment or the shotgun with ricochet make short work of them.
10. Grenades are a godsend as enemies tend to cluster together. Save them for these occasions.

11. Keep an eye on your perks as you go along and try to kill foes in ways that boost your stats related to the way you play. Want to carry more hatchets? Be sure to kill a lot of Nazis with them. Want to make your health overcharge drop more slowly? Kill more enemies while you're overcharged.
12.  You should have at least one weapon, either the pistol or machinepistol, outfitted with a silencer even if you spend the majority of the game going in guns blazing. Just in case.
13. The scope upgrade for your assault rifle, turning it into a sniper rifle, is essential. Grab that early.
14. Halfway through the game you get access to a "contraption" upgrade. There are three of them. Each one gives you special powers that also let you navigate obstacles during levels to find secret areas. Don't stress too much about picking. Just go with whatever one looks more interesting to you as you'll have opportunities to grab the others later.
15. Depending on which timeline you choose, you get access to a special weapon. One is a laser cannon, the other a minethrower. These weapons can become incredibly powerful if you invest weapon kits into them. This is recommended if you're going to be squaring off against robotic foes instead of sneaking around them.
16. There are side missions on the U-boat that will let you make your contraptions more powerful. Do them.
17. Other contraptions can be gained by doing the side missions on the war map in the helm that you unlock by collecting and decoding enigma codes.
18. Upgrade your grenades too. Fragmentation might sound interesting but the electromagnetic upgrade is more useful for pesky robots.
19.  Don't worry too much about attaching an upgrade to every weapon. Stick to the weapons you use regularly first.
20.  Collecting enigma codes is useful not only because it unlocks missions but also because it unlocks a perk that makes Commander alarms slower to activate, giving you more time to kill them if they see you before they call for reinforcements.

21. Search for maps. They reveal the locations of collectibles.
22. Weapon kits are the most valuable items on every level. Seek them out. They're usually hiding among crates or desks.
23. Metal crates with yellow outlines are capable of being broken down with laser weaponry. These crates usually contain more ammo/health/armor than wooden crates.
24. The enigma machine that you use to decode codes and unlock special missions is in the helm, directly behind the war table, once the machine unlocks (you'll get a notice).
25. There are tons of conversations and side missions to find on Eva's Hammer, the game's hub base between missions. Scour every inch of the place when possible for valuable unlockables and cutscenes. Also, there's an arcade unit-sized secret hiding upstairs in the bar...
26. Look for alternate routes during the game as opposed to the path of least resistance. This is how you'll often find secrets and bountiful ammo.
27. Don't grab every healthpack in sight just because you see it. Keep some lying around in case you need to retreat from combat to heal up.
28.  Your contraptions give you access to secret areas. Become familiar with the functionality of each one.
29. Make judicious use of your manual save, especially on side missions. Checkpoints aren't as forgiving as you'd expect.
30. You can return to areas later via the war table so don't worry about collecting every single item or upgrade kit during a story missions. You can always come back.

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