The 10 Coolest Looking Weapons In Destiny 2

by Cody Mello-Klein on Sep 25, 2017 at 05:00 PM

Destiny players will always have one true love: exotic gear. With Destiny 2, Bungie gives us not only more impressive firearms but unique weapon ornaments that help us accessorize our armaments. And that’s really what we all care about. You can check out our full thoughts on the game here, but today, we set aside all the arguments about stats, and rank which exotics simply look amazing.

10. Skyburner’s Oath
Skyburner’s Oath comes straight from the villainous Red Legion, a Cabal outfit that functions as the primary antagonist for Destiny 2. With the Beware the Red Legion ornament, the Cabal’s industrial, brutalist design comes to life in this exotic scout rifle. It’s bulky and utilitarian aesthetic resembles its alien owners.  Skyburner’s Oath is less ornate than many weapons on this list, but its simple design and alien inscriptions remind us of all the Cabal we’ve shot on our way to becoming legend.

9. Coldheart
Boasting its own unique weapon category – the trace rifle – Coldheart uses a liquid coolant system to chill down its cold fusion laser. Decked out in frostbite hues of blue and violet, this trace rifle has a unique freezing visual effect that builds up on a Guardian’s hand the longer the weapon fires. It’s a constant reminder of the power flowing through this one-of-a-kind firearm.

8. Graviton Lance
This pulse rifle proves simplicity is sometimes key. Every third shot of the Graviton Lance packs a serious punch, using void energy to rip a hole through space-time itself. A harsh black exterior and clean lines represent the dark power that dwells in every pull of the trigger. The fact that all that power lies behind such a simple yet elegant design makes this pulse rifle perfect for the classy Guardian.

7. D.A.R.C.I.
The Data Analysis Reconnaissance and Cooperative Intelligence device, or D.A.R.C.I., is a personal assistant A.I. jury-rigged onto a sniper rifle. The jumbled mess of wires and circuits that sits on top of the rifle makes D.A.R.C.I. a frayed but effective tool of destruction. The A.I. gives Guardians some helpful visual cues, highlighting enemy vital signs and weak points. D.A.R.C.I.’s Frankenstein-worthy look and personal backstory make it the only weapon that we can talk to like a friend.

6. Wardcliff Coil
Speaking of Frankenstein monstrosities, the Wardcliff Coil is Bungie at its most absurd. Looking like it came straight out of Nikola Tesla’s workshop, this rocket launcher pulses with arc energy before firing a volley of electric rockets. The weapon’s wild recoil makes it seem like every frenzied firing could be the device’s last. A rusted metal facade only adds to the Wardcliff Coil’s haphazard appearance, as if it was made in minutes and will stay together for seconds. It’s a weapon built for the insane.

5. Rat King
Earned by completing a series of riddles as part of an exotic quest, this sidearm recalls the original Destiny’s Gjallarhorn with its hand-carved barrel and animal sculptures. More powerful with other Rat King-wielding Guardians around, this gun doesn’t have a lion or wolf to intimidate alien foes. Instead the rat skull on the rear sight and a pack of rodents creeping up the barrel create a panorama of vermin that’s menacing and insidious.

4. Tractor Cannon
Built to blast back enemies with a gravity surge, the Tractor Cannon is an unconventional weapon by Destiny standards. It’s not the most hard-hitting weapon in a Guardian’s arsenal, but the shotgun’s Half-Life-meets-Portal design is playful. The quirky reload animation – two exhaust ports blaze with small blue flames as your Guardian stuffs a massive clip back into the shotgun – only adds to the weapon’s charm. Destiny 2 is a sequel that’s having fun with its world, and the Tractor Cannon is a great example of how that approach extends to Bungie’s weapon design.

3. The Prospector
Ain’t she a beauty? The Prospector delivers on the glimpses of a space western we saw in the very first Destiny trailers. Dark wood paneling, ornate metalwork, and flamboyant iron sights make The Prospector into a work of art, a weapon worthy of a spot above the fireplace or on the battlefield. With a design that looks at home in a Prohibition-era gangster flick or neo-Western noir, this grenade launcher has a roguish charm that’s hard to deny.

2. Sunshot
This hand cannon is one of the first exotic weapons that players can get their hands on, and it’s explosive potential has made it a fan favorite already. It looks like the Sunshot came right out of the sun itself, with a sun-seared golden barrel that contrasts nicely with a white frame. The colors, along with its unique spherical firing cylinder, make the Sunshot into something elemental, as if the weapon is harnessing the power of the sun with every explosive shot.

1. Vigilance Wing
Linked inextricably to the Disciples of Osiris, this pulse rifle is more evidence Bungie is diving deep into the mystery of the enigmatic exiled Warlock, Osiris. With the Book of the Dead ornament, sculptures reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian gods Thoth and Anubis retain their glory against an otherwise faded metal exterior. Together with a mummified stock and barrel, Vigilance Wing combines extravagance and simplicity into a visual package that plays with Destiny’s theme of death and rebirth. It’s hard to design a weapon that’s visually striking and thematically resonant, but Bungie’s success at both is why Vigilance Wing sits at the top of our list.

Bungie delivers more weapons with each expansion, but these are our favorites as of now. Do you agree with our choices? Do you have a favorite gun or ornament that got left off the list? Let us know your choice for coolest looking Destiny 2 weapons in the comments below.

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