Bungie recently announced the return of the factions to the Destiny 2 social space, heralding yet another way to acquire new armor and weapons with which to deck out your Guardian. Beginning on September 26, the Faction Rallies offer a way to dive headfirst into the conflict between the competing organizations. 

So which should you choose? 

First of all, if factions work anything like how they did in the original Destiny, your choice of faction has little effect on gameplay, other than the possibility that certain weapons, armor pieces, or shaders may be hard to attain without membership to one or the other. Moreover, if you’re playing three Guardians across your account, you’d be wise to select a different faction on each, and be covered for every eventuality. 

Nonetheless, many Destiny players like the idea of embracing their ties to a particular faction, and this coming Faction Rallies event will test one’s loyalty. By completing events in the world, the different factions will be in competition with one another. The winning faction will offer a special gun for sale. Members of the faction get a gigantic discount, and can purchase the gun for 1,000 glimmer. Everyone else will need to pay 50,000 glimmer. 

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know to make your decision: 

Faction Rallies Event

Opens: September 26, 2 AM Pacific
Closes: October 3, 2 AM Pacific
Activities that support your faction: Public Events completions, Lost Sector completions, Strike completions, Raid completions, Crucible match completions 


Dead Orbit

Location: Tower, northwest hangar, main floor
Faction Representative: Arach Jalaal
Color Scheme: black and white
Motto: "The Traveler is not our only salvation. Another future lies out among the light of other stars."
Philosophy: Dead Orbit believes a reckoning is coming, and humanity’s only hope is to abandon the Last City, the Traveler, as well as Earth itself, and head out into deep space. The faction believes staying behind is a death sentence, and they’re attempting to build a fleet to flee the system. Dead Orbit’s position on humanity’s future should have an interesting new twist following the events of the Red War. Does the near-destruction of the City lend credence to their claims? Or does humanity’s resilience and ability to retake the City prove they’re wrong?

Reward Weapon On Offer In Faction Rallies: Haunted Earth Scout Rifle

Other Inventory:


Future War Cult

Location: Tower, west hangar, upper level
Faction Representative: Lakshmi-2
Color Scheme: purple, gold, and orange/red
Motto: "There is no future but now. No truth but war."
Philosophy: The Future War Cult are driven by the desire to prepare for an inevitable war in the future, and all their efforts are bent toward building up humanity’s defenses against the threat. Their belief isn’t established without merit; long ago, the faction's founders used a Vex device to stare into the future, and saw a grim fate for humanity, which the Future War Cult now hopes to avert. The Future War Cult's has ties to a Golden Age researcher named Maya Sundaresh, who is one of the most mysterious characters in the Destiny fiction, and perhaps someday we will get some follow-up on her importance in the broader story.  

Reward Weapon On Offer In Faction Rallies: Heart of Time Pulse Rifle

Other Inventory:

New Monarchy

Location: Tower, west bazaar, lower level
Faction Representative: Executor Hideo
Color Scheme: red and white
Motto: "Hope will be born from the collective triumphs of the king in us all."
Philosophy: The New Monarchy hopes to guide humanity to a new Golden Age, in part by moving from the current government guiding the city (an organization up until now guided by the Speaker, the Vanguard, and a Consensus of the people), and instead adopting an elected monarchy system. Notably, New Monarchy was instrumental in the final dissolution of a previous faction called Concordat, and its faction leader, Lysander. Some intelligence from Ikora Rey's Hidden spy network suggests that Lysander may still live, and be gathering support far from the City, which might pose problems for New Monarchy in the future.  

Reward Weapon On Offer In Faction Rallies: Interregnum XVI Sidearm

Other Inventory: