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Kingdom Hearts III's Confirmed Weapons, Locations, And Keyblades

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 17, 2017 at 02:00 PM

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Update July 17, 2017: Kingdom Hearts III was a highlight of this year's D23 Expo, and with it came the reveal of a new world.

Update December 19, 2015: Square Enix recently released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III as part of Jump Festa 2015. As a result, we've been able to update our ongoing Kingdom Hearts III feature.

The list is short right now, but it will be updated as new worlds, attacks, and weapons are revealed for Kingdom Hearts III.


Toy Story
Revealed during Disney's D23 2017 expo, we learned Toy Story will have a dedicated world in the game. It will also have a dedicated story that takes place sometime after Toy Story 2.

The trailer showed action happening in Andy's room, in front of Andy's house, and a new-to-Toy Story area, Galaxy Toys, which is where most of the fighting will take place, according to Nomura.

Big Hero 6
Revealed during Disney's 2015 D23 expo, we learned that Big Hero 6's San Fransokyo will be a world in the game. Sora and pals will interact with the Big Hero 6 team after the events of the film, and Baymax will be there, too.

Revealed during E3 2015
, the world of Tangled will appear in the game. We've seen Rapunzel's tower and its surrounding woods, but we don't know if we'll be venturing into the castle and its surrounding village or visiting the The Snuggly Duckling.

Shown during E3 as well as during its initial reveal, but never explicitly stated by Square Enix or Disney, it appears Hercules' take on ancient Greece will appear in the game.

As evidence, we've seen Sora fighting Lythos the rock titan as well as exploring an area full of columns.

Looking further into this area somewhat, it looks like Sora and pals will be fighting near a river that will pull you downstream if you jump into it.

Considering its placement in the trailer right after showing off the Tangled area, and the similar aesthetic, it wasn't until I noticed the briefly shown architecture that I realized we were actually seeing more of the Hercules area.

Twilight Town
This is Twilight Town, as evidenced by the general aesthetic, the struggle poster, the crack in the wall, and the layout. Square Enix also confirmed it, so that solidifies things.

Old Mansion
Seen early in Kingdom Hearts II, this building holds some important secrets. It looks like Sora will be revisiting it in Kingdom Hearts III.

Mysterious Tower
Seen in nearly every Kingdom Hearts game, the Mysterious Tower is home to the sorcerer Yen Sid. It's not too surprising to see this area will appear in the game.

For the assorted weapons and attacks we've seen in trailers and elsewhere, head to page two.

Non-Keyblade Weapons and Attacks

Big Magic Mountain
We've seen this attack twice now, both times fighting Lythos. It's worth noting that between its initial reveal and its E3 trailer, the, "Big Magic Mountain," in the bottom left corner disappeared. With the attack, Sora and pals ride a train through the sky swinging the keyblade as he travels.

Pirate Ship
Much like the the Big Magic Mountain attack, the logo in the bottom left corner disappeared between Kingdom Hearts III's first and second trailer. We've seen this attack used in multiple locations, which means it may not be enemy-specific, which may be the case with the Big Magic Mountain attack.

Mad Tea Party
Revealed at E3 2015, this attack places Sora's crew in a collection of violent spinning teacups.

Two Shoot Blaster
We've seen the Two Shoot Blaster twice now.

You can shoot enemies with it.

This crazy Zeus weapon
Seen in Kingdom Hearts III's 2015 E3 trailer, it's not entirely clear if what you see above is a dedicated weapon...

...or just part of the transformation animation that leads to riding behind Pegasus in a chariot while you take out the heartless.

Shooting Ride
With the shooting ride, Sora, Donald, and Mickey basically jump into a moveable turret, strap on some special augmented reality glasses, and shoot from the first-person perspective. It looks like you retain full control of your movement and can fire off one last big blast before putting it away.

Electrified wall jump
This sharp looking move looks like it covers Sora in electricity (magic?) when he jumps off the wall. It is possible, though, that the two abilities may not be connected at all.

Lock-on attack
This attack appears to have two different variations. The one seen above, where Sora bounces from locked-on enemy to enemy, and the one seen below, where Sora shoots out a blasts that hits all the locked-on enemies at once.

For more of the assorted weapons and attacks we've seen in trailers and elsewhere, head to page three.

Counter Shield
The Counter Shield looks like a Keyblade transformation and offers at least a pair of attacks: raining down lightning and giant fists.

Hyper Hammer
The Hyper Hammer is one of the Toy Story Keyblade's transformations.

Drill Punch
The Toy Story Keyblade can also turn into the Drill Punch, which we've seen Sora using to travel underground, and raise drills from the ground. It was teased in silhouette form at the end of Kingdom Hearts III's E3 2017 trailer.

He can also use it as a whip, apparently.

Magic Launcher
This weapon is basically a giant missile/grenade launcher. It's the transformation of a Keyblade we've seen, but don't yet know its name.

Sora can also pilot mechs now, and even jump between them mid-fight.

They seem overpowered in the best possible way.

Goofy holler
Sora can also, finally, throw Goofy like a weapon. The Goofy holler represents what I hope the attack will be called. We don't know the actual name yet.

For the Keyblades that have shown up in trailers and screens, head to page four.


The Toy Story Keyblade
Currently unnamed in an official capacity, a Keyblade themed after Toy Story is easy to miss in the the Toy Story's reveal trailer. It's shaped like a cactus, with a handle modeled after Buzz Lightyear's ship. The tip of the blade features Woody's sheriff badge and its keychain is one of the aliens from the claw game at Pizza Planet. It also has a hat – a first for a Kingdom Hearts keyblade (we think).

Master Xehanort's Keyblade
Seen briefly in the 2015 E3 trailer mounted on a wall perhaps as a trophy, it's unclear what is implied by its presence.

This unknown Keyblade
This is about the only Keyblade we've seen Sora using in trailers. It appears to be a brand new blade, as opposed to a returning blade from a previous game.

Master's Defender
In the beginning of the very first Kingdom Hearts III reveal trailer, Sora picked up the Master's Defender from Birth by Sleep on a beach. We haven't seen him use it, though.

Kingdom Key
When Kingdom Hearts III was first revealed, we saw Sora using old faithful.

Hercules Keyblade?
Unfortunately, none of the trailers give you a good look at it, but Sora is definitely holding a new Keyblade in the Hercules world in the Toy Story reveal trailer.

Let us know if there are other details we missed in the comments below!