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What The Heck Is This? Episode 2

by Kyle Hilliard on May 05, 2017 at 06:00 PM

We cover a lot of big, well-known games here at Game Informer. Thanks to these efforts, you (hopefully) know all about the next big franchise, or the highly-anticipated new game from that notable indie developer, but what about those random games that fly under the radar? The one among the hundreds that release every week on Steam? Or that Xbox One game with the weird title? This new video series is an attempt to highlight those games – for better or worse.

Andrew Reiner and I see these type of games all of the time. The game that we look at and say, "What the heck is that?" This is our chance to play them and decide, on the spot, if we want to keep playing them, or move on to to something different. To watch our first episode of What The Heck Is This? head here.

For episode two, we take a look at an Xbox One game called Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect from developer Virtual Air Guitar Company. It's basically R-Type, but with Kinect-controlled air guitar shooting. For our second game we took a very scientific approach. We looked at Steam's recent release list and picked whatever looked the most absurd, which is how we landed on Xbird from developer Alexey Glinskiy.

During our Replay break, we will be airing new episodes on Friday's at 8 p.m., but to be clear, this show is not a replacement for Replay! Replay returns June 2 with a brand new season.

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