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The Top 10 Screenshots From E3 2016

by AJ Moser on Jun 18, 2016 at 07:00 AM

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Every year at E3, we see a wide selection of great looking games. This year was no exception, with a wealth of beautiful open worlds, intriguing characters, and terrifying creatures. Sometimes, one image can capture what we love most about the games we saw at E3. Read on for a list of the most impressive screenshots that surfaced during this year's show.

Final Fantasy XV
Nothing truly captures the scale on display in Final Fantasy XV better than this massive leviathan towering over the gorgeous city of Altissia. This was only one of the huge creatures that Final Fantasy XV brought to E3, as the on-stage demo during Microsoft's press conference showed off the titan in action. We also learned that Final Fantasy is getting a VR experience, and imagining the above image rendered in lifelike virtual reality is awe-inspiring.

Though it had been rumored for a while, when the web-slinger soared on stage during Sony's press conference it was one of the night's most exciting moments. We unfortunately don't know much about Insomniac Games' take on Spidey yet, other than that it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Hopefully, we learn more about the game before next year's E3, but for now, its short trailer and the spectacular new costume will have to hold us over.

The latest from Hideki Kamiya had an extensive showing at E3, with a full co-op gameplay demo premiering during the Xbox show. What made this demo interesting was that Kamiya called it "the biggest boss fight Platinum Games has ever made." Fans of Platinum know that their games usually feature bombastic, exciting boss battles, and this image teases the tough fight we saw this giant crab put up.

Resident Evil VII
The Resident Evil VII reveal was one of the most exciting moments of the entire week and this screenshot perfectly captures the sense of dread the game creates. A mysterious teaser debuted during Sony's press conference that built from a quiet start to a horrifying, intense experience. As the title faded in, we finally learned that this game aims to bring Resident Evil back to its horror roots. We tried out the game's demo and sat down with its director to try and piece together some more of the mystery.

Dead Rising 4
Zombies were a big hit at E3, with Days Gone showing off an impressive demo during Sony's show. A far cry from the unsettling environments of other horror games, Dead Rising 4 is set at Christmas and features even more insane weapons than before. This image captures the game's tone and colorful take on zombie slaying. For more on Dead Rising 4, check out our hands-on preview.

For the return of some beloved characters, as well as some new faces, head to page two.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Though it has been delayed until 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is still one of the most exciting games we saw at E3 this year. Guerilla's robotic adventure looks very promising, and we can't wait to learn more about the game's protagonist Aloy. This image shows off the branching dialogue options present in the game, hinting that the story will be a deeper experience than we previously knew. We got to play a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn at E3 this year, and it left us impressed.

Gears of War 4
We had a feeling that Marcus Fenix would return in Gears of War 4, with his son being one of the main heroes. Despite that, the brief tease at the end of the game's latest footage re-introduced the original trilogy's main character and got us even more excited to find out what is going on in this sequel. Aside from new story details, we also got hands-on with Gears of War 4 at E3 and learned about more weapons, enemies and environmental hazards.

God of War
On a similar note, the moment Kratos stepped out of the shadows kicked off an incredible reveal for the next God of War game. We saw an extended gameplay demo that indicates a fascinating new direction for the series, with a different camera angle that focuses on the third-person action. We don't know all that much about the next adventure in this popular series, but the emphasis on family and a new voice actor for Kratos lead us to believe this is going to be the most emotionally grounded God of War game yet.

Death Stranding
Aside from a nude CGI Norman Reedus, there is a lot going on in this haunting image from Hideo Kojima's next project. It is as mysterious and esoteric as you would expect a Hideo Kojima trailer to be, but in a profound and emotional way this time around. The brief teaser showed Reedus clutching a baby that then vanishes, only to find himself on a beach with washed up sea life and five figures hovering above. We had a chance to talk to Kojima about the game, as well as his life since leaving Konami.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
We finally have a name and details on the next Legend of Zelda game. Nintendo went all-out in showing the game off, from its expansive open world, to new weapons and equipment systems, to hints at the game's story. Breath of the Wild is a massive step forward for the famous series, and everything we saw showed that the game has been crafted with care and has players in mind. Link's latest adventure is going to be a big one, and we can't wait to play more of it.

What do you think of our list? Comment below with your favorite images and games from this year's E3.