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E3 2015 Predictions: Microsoft

by Kyle Hilliard on May 31, 2015 at 02:14 PM

As the image above proclaims, E3 2015 is a mere two weeks away. In preparation for the show, we're sharing our predictions and hopes for the publishers and developers that will be appearing and presenting. Here's what we have for Microsoft.

An Xbox One dashboard redesign
One of the biggest complaints against the Xbox One is the difficulty of using its interface. It's difficult to tell where things are and how to get to them until you've developed some familiarity with the system. Xbox One has been receiving regular updates to add features, but E3 2015 could be a good platform to show off a complete redesign. The Xbox 360's interface went through multiple extreme changes ad refreshes, and it might be time for the Xbox One to do the same now that we're coming up on two years since launch.

Not much in the way of new IP
We saw a number of new IP surface in the last two years, like Sunset Overdrive, but that early grace period is over. Now it's time to push out the sequels and get people excited about the franchises they're familiar with.

Time for Battletoads
Speaking of sequels, we've been seeing quite a few Battletoads teases from Microsoft recently – like the one on head of Xbox Phil Spencer's t-shirt above. It might be time for a legitimate Battletoads announcement from Rare.

T-shirt tease
We're thinking Spencer liked the attention his Battletaods shirt received, so keep an eye out for logos on t-shirts under suit and sport jackets.

Phantom Dust is alive
Phantom Dust was announced at E3 2014 and two months later Spencer told us we will learn more at E3 2015. A few months later, we learned its developer, Darkside Games, was no longer on the project, but Microsoft insists it is moving forward. We're thinking we will learn more in 14 days.

Microsoft will spend a lot of time on Rise of the Tomb Raider
Rise of the Tomb Raider is a big exclusive, and Microsoft will make sure everyone is aware. We're expecting an extended gameplay trailer on stage, and maybe even a jab at Sony for Uncharted slipping out of 2015.

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Third-party emphasis
When it comes to third-party, Lara Croft won't be alone. Microsoft's Call of Duty partnership will likely continue, and we will see other franchises get DLC, etc., on Xbox One first.

Gears of War?
Gears of War's 10 year anniversary is coming up in 2016, but we don't think we will see the next true Gears of War from Black Tusk Studios at E3 2015. Instead, the remastered trilogy will be officially unveiled and we're thinking there will be a beta players will be able to jump in shortly after E3, if not right away.

Microsoft pretends to be invested in PC space
With Windows 10 looming and Xbox integration into the operating system, Microsoft will emphasize how much it loves PC gaming. Whether that's truly the case is yet to be seen, but Microsoft will spend time trying to convince us.

Getting rid of the physical box
Microsoft will announce a "digital first" initiative in which new first-party games get released as digital downloads first, much in the way we see modern films appear online before you're able to buy the Blu-ray. It won't be a large amount of time – maybe a few days or hours – but it will have a name, encouraging people to go digital download over physical box.

A new model, a bigger hard drive
And as a result of the digital first initiative, we're thinking Microsoft will have a new Xbox One model with up to 2 TB of memory.

Don't forget about HoloLens!
VR will be a staple for many at the show, and will likely find its way on stage alongside games, and in response, Microsoft will showcase its HoloLens technology and announce a handful of games alongside it. It's here that we will learn about a new HoloLens version of Minecraft.

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