Earlier today, I had the chance to speak with head of Xbox Phil Spencer about Xbox One, Tomb Raider exclusivity, and the future of the gaming industry. Before we parted though, I had one more question. "When do we get to see more Phantom Dust?"

Spencer tells us that he and the team haven't yet finalized the TGS roster, but we shouldn't count on the game being there. "It was early when we showed it [at E3]," he says. "That's why it was just a trailer."

Chances are we'll be waiting for more news until 2015. "I would bet in won't be TGS," Spencer said. As we chatted about the schedule of events following, it seemed most likely that E3 2015 will be our next look at the reboot. Spencer and his team might have other surprises along the way, though.

"We continue to look back at the catalog," Spencer says. There are games we love, and we should bring them back for people."