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The PlayStation Experience And Video Game Awards News Round-Up

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 06, 2014 at 01:51 PM

A lot of news and announcements happened in the last 48 hours. This is where we’re rounding it all up.

To find all the winners from the 2014 Game Awards head here.

EA is giving away three of its games for free in honor of the PlayStation's 20th anniversary. Read more here.

Faceplates are coming to PlayStation 4.

The very rare and very popular Suikoden I and II are coming to Vita and PlayStation 3.

Sony announced a huge collection of games coming to Vita.

We spoke extensively to Mortal Kombat X's Shaun Himmerick, which you can read here.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Arguably the highlight of Sony's PlayStation Experience, the Uncharted gameplay video showed off impressive graphics, new mechanics, and Nathan Drake's brother.

The Order: 1886
A new gameplay video and trailer showcased more of The Order's cinematic approach to action. You can find extensive impressions from Kimbery Wallace and Andrew Reiner here.

God of War
No details were offered, but Sony did confirm it is working on a new God of War title.

Planetside 2
You can sign up for the PlayStation 4 beta for the game, but no details on when the beta begins were offered.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U
Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto sat down for a lovely stroll through Hyrule on back of a very smart Epona.

Fat Princess Adventures
A short trailer announced a new Fat Princess game, but we don't know when it is coming, or how it will differ from the original Fat Princess.

What Remains Of Edith Finch
The developers of The Unfinished Swan showed a trailer for their new game, a title it has been teasing for some time.

No Man’s Sky
A new trailer for No Man's Sky showed some impressive gameplay, but if you want even more No Man's Sky info, be sure to check out all of our coverage here, or by clicking the banner.

The creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy announced a new game with a trailer, and much like his other titles, it's hard to explain without seeing it.

Yakuza 5
We thought this one wouldn't be making its way to North America, but Sony announced a release, though it didn't offer a date.

MLB 15: The Show
Early in the show, Sony offered some new details about the next entry in the The Show series.

Day of the Tentacle Special Edition
Double Fine is bringing its point and click adventure classic to PlayStation 4 and Vita, but we don't know when that will be.

Grim Fandango
Double Fine also announced a release date for Grim Fandango on PlayStation 4 and Vita and...

Broken Age
...it is bringing Broken Age to Sony consoles.

Until Dawn
We got an extended look at Supermassive Games' teen slasher horror game. You can find Kimberly Wallace's hands-on preview of the game by heading here.

Drawn to Death
God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe's new project is a multiplayer shooter that takes place in a teenager's notebook. You can't find Andrew Reiner's full hands-on report here.

Final Fantasy VII
It's not the Final Fantasy VII remake we hoped for and expected when the logo popped on screen, but it will be the best version of the game playable on consoles, so that's... something?

Killing Floor 2
The popular PC shooter is heading to consoles.

Orcs Must Die Unchained
A different popular PC shooter is also heading to consoles.

Darkest Dungeon
The strategy title that toys with your party's mental and physical sanity is coming to PlayStation 4.

Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V's reveal leaked early so the impact was lost somewhat for the reveal, but we did not expect Ultra Street Fighter IV to be coming to PlayStation 4.

Batman: Arkham Knight
Rocksteady has been delivering sections of an Arkham Knight sequence, and this marked the final video of the trilogy, so to speak.

The Forest
This new game tasks players with staying alive in a forest while building a home and dealing with those who threaten your way of life.

Kill Strain
Sony revealed the 5 vs. 2 vs. 5 top down shooter, and Andrew Reiner has already written up some extensive impressions which you can read here.

A new boss and a new type of dungeon were shown, as well as a new trailer, which you can see here.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
The Phantom Pain will feature an online mode, and we got to see some of it in action.

Dungeon Defenders 2
Dungeon Defenders 2 will still find a home on PC, but if you want to play on a console, you will have to come to PlayStation 4.

Nintendo didn't offer any concrete details about Starfox, but did confirm it is coming in 2015.

Human Element
Robotoki's Human Element was announced some time ago, but we finally got a peek at what the game will look like.

King’s Quest
The classic point and click series is making a return, and this was our first look.

The bumbling monster who can't seem to walk anywhere without knocking things over is getting a new game.

Codename S.T.E.A.M.
The steampunk strategy game from the Fire Emblem team has a release window.

The team behind Rust and Garry's Mod showed off its new game, Before.

Adam Orth's free floating space game was showcased at the Video Game Awards.

Banner Saga 2
A new Banner Saga is on the way.

Fullbright, the developer behind Gone Home, announced its next game, Tacoma.

Mario Maker
Nintendo showed some new Mario Maker footage, and revealed some of the additional options the game offers.

Rebel Galaxy
We got some hands-on with the new game from the creators of Torchlight.

Destiny's The Undying Mind Strike
We have a full playthrough video of the strike coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 as part of Destiny's The Dark Below DLC.