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Five To Watch From PAX East 2014

by Daniel Tack on Apr 15, 2014 at 01:05 PM

While Mike has already posted a sprawling (and excellent!) look at some of the best finds at PAX East 2014, I thought I’d share some quick personal highlights, specifically some titles that may not be available for some time. Most of these games have release dates that are far in the future, but they’re worth keeping tabs on. There are also some incredible great games worthy of note (Evolve!) that I didn’t get a chance to see during my time at PAX this year, so this list is by no means comprehensive.

5) Star Citizen
What started out as one of the biggest Kickstarters has grown, with Robert Space Industries’ Star Citizen sitting at around $42 million worth of funding. A fairly extensive demo video displays some of the huge potential of this game that is admittedly several star systems away from release. The demo is not without some evident bugs and quirks, but it certainly shows significant progress on a huge project that won’t be available anytime soon. It may not have proven itself completely yet, but it’s worth keeping on the radar.

4) Nosgoth
Vampires and humans can’t seem to settle their differences peacefully. We took a look at some early alpha a while back, and the free-to-play title that draws upon the Legacy of Kain universe is looking like a fun choice for some fast-paced battles that feature a healthy selection of weapons and abilities.

3) Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
The epic Reaper of Souls expansion comes to the PS4, with additional features!

2) Hyper Light Drifter
While the co-op survival mode being shown off at the show felt like a lot of fun, I’m looking forward to the real deal. There is a lot to be excited about from this completed Kickstarter project, from the dreamlike environments to the fluid and diverse combat.

1) Below
While the title is probably still a far cry from being released, this is one of the most unusual and interesting games I’ve played in a long time. It’s just… Enchanting.  Hypnotic, almost. This is the kind of game you sit down with in a dark room and headphones and you simply don’t surface for hours. Maybe days. Or perhaps you rise for a few scant moments to text, tweet, or make a forum post about a secret you found. But probably not, because you’re way too busy finding more.