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Vampires And Humans Are Still Not Getting Along

Set in the world of the Legacy of Kain series, Nosgoth is a third-person humans vs. vampires team battle title that feels a lot like a Left 4 Dead arena of sorts in its current alpha state. The combat in this free-to-play title is four vs. four and lasts around 10 minutes per round. Teams take turns playing as each side, so each team will play as both the humans and vampires over the course of a full match. The gameplay is fast, intense, dark, and grisly fun, but the real question lies in how much staying power the title will have over time.

Players can choose from several different vampire and human loadouts that come with different weapons and skill options. As part of the free-to-play model, players can acquire new loadout skins and swap out weapons and abilities to create various play styles. Gold is earned from each match and can be used to purchase abilities and weapons. Skins tend to only be available via the cash-only currency.

The gameplay is simple but surprisingly refreshing, as the small team sizes keep things intimate and the game brings some cool concepts into play. In general, the vampires excel at close-range combat and disabling opponents in various ways. Vampires also have the edge in maneuverability, as they can effortlessly climb walls and terrain to quickly close in on human quarry. The bloodsuckers  recover health by executing fallen humans. This maneuver is time consuming and leaves the vampire vulnerable, but they can drag corpses behind cover to consume their prey in a safer manner. One of the vampire breeds specializes in leaping and disabling humans, reminiscent of Left 4 Dead’s Hunter. More interesting is the vampire that can swoop down and lift humans high into the air, dropping them off into a pack of voracious teammates. It’s as fun as it sounds, and playing as the vampires is definitely the best experience you'll have in Nosgoth.

You might think otherwise given the predator/prey relationship of the game factions, but humans are quite capable of defending themselves and crushing a team of vampires. Humans are more focused on ranged attacks, and recover health and ammunition at shrines.  The alchemist class has a grenade launcher of sorts, combined with the “assault rifle” crossbow wielder and “sniper” bowman. A variety of grenades and special attacks are available.

Whatever side you’re on, the real driving force behind a game of Nosgoth is team play. When playing as humans it's imperative to chop down any stray vampire that attempts to snatch a human away from the group, and working together as vampires allows chain disables and disrupts to prevent the humans from unleashing burst damage and area of effect attacks.

In this current alpha stage, Nosgoth is loads of fun, but it remains to be seen how the model will play out over the long haul. We're curious to see other kinds of things Psyonix will add to give the game some variety and longevity.

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  • This still looks like a pointless cash in.
  • I dont understand why even use the world of legacy of kain? If this flops there will never be anything to do with legacy of kain again. Why not just make a new game in the series we would all love it. To be able to play as Raziel again would be awesome. I guess they just did'nt wanna be some generic human vs vampire game, and this did get the game some publicity being a part of legacy of kain. Still though. What an aweful tease. Really would like to see a new soul reaver/legacy of kain, a new gauntlet, and a new demons crest. *** making 100 call of duties. Give us a great sequal. Sequels are not all so bad if you do it right. Bethesda is a perfect example of how to do a sequel. Cant wait for the strider game, and I hope it does well enough that Capcom decides to give some other franchises like demons crest a shot. A new game in demons crest with firebrand set in the world of demons and gargoyles with that story in today's graphics. It would be truly amazing.
  • The other two replies clearly have not played the game or even read the website. There's tons of things related to the old stories in this game's story. The game is also really fun and they are definitely putting a lot of effort into making it work. For an early ALPHA, it plays better than most betas! Great programming for the most part too. Biggest issue honestly is lack of players but thats because of alpha.
  • Another good series that is crap now.

  • I really miss the old Legacy of Kain games, particularly the PS1 iterations. I wish they would have made another single player game, because they were some of the funnest games I've ever played. That said, I'm curious as to whether the vampire factions are based on the vampiric races that were spawned from Raziels brothers in the first Soul Reaver game.

  • Signed up for the beta. It intrigues me, I just hope it doesn't fall short. Really waiting for the invite, maybe you guys could do a little contest for beta keys?

  • It's good? Excellent, I love the LoK series and I'm hoping they do something solid with the license. Even if it's a game I'll probably never play.

  • Darn. PC only. I don't remember guns in Legacy of Kain games though.
  • I'd like a real sequel please and thank you

  • I've been in the alpha since day one, and all I can really say about it is that I've been having a blast with it so far.

  • I thought this game was suspended, even canceled. I hope they release an HD collection to build hype. That was the only reason I was looking forward to this game. But the fact that it's a PC only release isn't promising for that hope.
  • The more I read about this game, the more I die inside.
  • This seems like such a dumb thing to do. The core LOK series is irrelevant right now; why pin the franchise to this title? Associating it, in any way, with Soul Reaver/Blood Omen/Defiance will just piss off the fans. I see no advantages to this. Just make it an original IP and market it AT ALL - that will give you the same awareness as attaching this, however loosely, to the Legacy of Kain IP.

    If we're to "vote with our wallets", I hope this bombs badly. I don't want Eidos/Square to think that THIS is what they should do with Legacy of Kain. I'd rather have 5 more years or nothing, than 5 years filled with bro'd out, team based, multiplayer shooters set in this universe.

    This is not a replacement for a proper sequel to Defiance, Eidos/Square-Enix. And don't you dare confuse our not supporting it with apathy for this brand. Fans want another one. We don't want this.

  • I don't understand why this game pisses off so many people. How about you give it a chance first? It actually is a lot of fun. It really feels like a good game even while it is still in the alpha stage.
  • Sounds like it has absolutely nothing to do with LOK other than SE has slapped the name on it to make money. Put out another continuation, start with a new character in that world, or leave the series alone. Too many good things have been ruined like this.
  • This sucks.... How bout a real sequel?

  • Hoo-rah for PC, I wish console games could adapt this kind of game play.
  • Trash...

  • Legacy of Kain is a series that's more nostalgia than anything else these days, so I'm glad they're exploring the world.

    People may laud over the first game, but what they forget is that the game had ridiculous loading times; going to the menu took a couple of seconds. The environments were also way too dark. It had a lot of good concepts (since there's a lot of Zelda elements), but they were better in theory than execution.

    The Soul Reaver series was solid, but nothing spectacular. It started off interesting enough, with enemies being vampires that can only be killed under certain conditions, but that went out the window.

    A series has to be huge for something to be a cash in. Legacy of Kain isn't that big. It's a niche title. And this is from someone that has actually played all the games.

    I for one am really curious about the future setting. The weapons suggest that it takes place hundreds of years from where the story ended in Defiance. In a way, it's sort of sad that humans and vampires are fighting, given the story we were told about the vampire's origins.

  • enough give us a real LOK game

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