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David Cage, Metal Gear Solid 4's Producer, And Shenmue's Director Talk Storytelling

by Ben Hanson on Jun 20, 2013 at 07:01 AM

Listening to Camouflaj Radio, the podcast that chronicles the development of the game Republique, is a great way to learn about the challenge of game development and the struggle for a game to tell a coherent story. The game's director Ryan Payton was the assistant producer on Metal Gear Solid 4 and the original creative director for Halo 4 before he left Microsoft to found Camouflaj and begin development on Republique, the stealth game coming to iOS and PC. Payton is also a fan of David Cage and his work at Quantic Dream, specifically Heavy Rain. At E3 2013, I arranged a one-on-one video with Ryan Payton and David Cage to talk about Quantic Dream's next project Beyond: Two Souls and the pitfalls of storytelling in an interactive medium.

Watch the video below to hear the two discuss Beyond: Two Souls, making Metal Gear Solid more approachable, and the struggle to tell a good story in Halo 4. Be sure to stick around until the 22:00 minute mark for the surprise appearance of a very special guest.

Click here if you prefer to watch the video on YouTube.

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