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Beyond: Two Souls

The Power Of Possession In Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream's latest demo of Beyond: Two Souls sheds more light on the powers of Jodie Holmes' ethereal companion, Aiden.

The E3 demo of Beyond: Two Souls takes us to Somalia, where Jodie has been tasked with killing a warlord for the CIA. Tim described the emotional toll the mission has on Jodie, but the demo also gave us a better understanding of Aiden, the mysterious entity that accompanies her.

Players can switch to Aiden at virtually any time during the game, which comes in handy for scouting out areas containing enemies. Aiden can only travel a set distance away from Jodie, but can pass through walls and change elevation to get a better lay of the land.

Players have three main powers when controlling Aiden, which are performed by holding in the L1 button and moving both analog sticks in different directions. Pulling them down builds up an energy blast that can incapacitate enemies and destroy some types of cover. Pushing the sticks towards each other will silently choke an enemy out. Pulling the sticks apart allows you to possess an enemy. Possessing an enemy allows you to control that character, and opens up new gameplay options through quick-time events. Which power you can use on an enemy depends on the color of his or her aura: Red, yellow, and blue indicate Aiden's choke, possession, and blast power, respectively. The demo also featured Aiden performing a number of one-off powers via quick-time events, such as knocking a door off its hinges and putting up an energy barrier to protect Jodie from bullets.

It's also worth noting that although you can switch to Aiden at any time, Jodie isn't the one controlling the entity. Occasionally Jodie asks Aiden to perform certain actions, (when the Sony representative tries to assassinate the warlord with an energy blast, Jodie instructs Aiden that they need to keep a low profile), but that doesn't mean Aiden will always listen. Quantic Dream says that Aiden has its own personality, and that some of the choices you make can affect their relationship and where the story leads. Given the intricacy of Heavy Rain's interactive narrative, we're interested in seeing how much authorship the player has over Beyond: Two Souls' story.

For more on Beyond: Two Souls, read Tim's hands-on impressions of the E3 demo, or check out 35 minutes of gameplay footage from earlier this year.

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  • I'm predicting GOTY for this one, every time I see it I get more interested.
  • The trailer last year just underwhelmed me, while everyone else was so excited, I couldn't see why.

    I saw the new trailer and it looks so different from how it was presented last year, I just am not going to purchase this game.

  • This seems like a really deep experience. I'll be interested to see where it goes once I buy it (maybe).
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  • So epic. So epic indeed.

  • THIS looks awesome. Also, is it weird that Interactive Drama's put the names of the actors front and center like this, or is it just me?
  • Plot twist: Aiden is actually Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs
  • Hmmm....well I didn't see that coming. Maybe a one of those soldiers that has powers of the mind.

  • This is gonna be GREAT!

  • This, The Last of Us.... Looks like not only will Sony own next generation, but the end of this one as well.
  • too many nominees for GOTY

  • This game is becoming more intriguing by the second. On that note, anyone aware if Heavy Rain was already released as PSN+ discount/freebie?? I didn't give the game a chance (let the bad guy win by doing sheer nothing). If not I hope they do... that would be the perfect warm up to his strange interactive cinema.

    Also it would be sweet to release indigo prophecy on the +

  • I love Ellen Page way too much not pick this up.

    Mostly I'm just happy that there's developers still pushing the creative boundaries of this medium. It's always refreshing to see a new Ip along with a unheard of execution.

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  • Was anyone else really thrown off by the fact she's suddenly a commando? O_o

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    Ugh, David Cage why are you such a hack writer?
  • The more I see/read about this game the more I can't wait to play it! Still think Bioshock Infinite will get GOTY, but I sense this to be a real close second