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Beyond: Two Souls

35 Minutes Of Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay

Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming game from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, made an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend (a first for a platform-exclusive video game), and along with a new trailer, a large portion of gameplay has appeared online.

Below you will find 35 minutes of straight gameplay from Beyond: Two Souls. You'll see the digital version of Ellen Page cry, talk on the phone, and play guitar on the street with gloves on.

Quantic Dream recently sent us a blank copy of the game's script so that we could see just how long it is.

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  • Wow, with gloves on?
  • Beautiful! Just finished a replay of Heavy Rain last night and am hungry for more of what Quantic Dream can deliver!
  • I know graphics aren't everything, but this game looks insanely good!
  • game...play? where?
  • Looks fantastic. Can't wait until this gem of a game arrives later this year.

  • If Quantic Dream delivers, this looks to be a truly great game.

  • It just looks so fantastic...

  • Mod

    I want to play this so bad. It looks amazing.

  • Looks great! But I'm sorry the gameplay looks very slow and boring for the most part....still going to get it just hoping that the entire game isn't like this.
  • Awesome.

  • The graphics are good, but Please don't suck.
  • That looked pretty awesome.

  • Wow this game looks incredible! I am totally buying.

  • Arrrg, I really, really wanna watch this... but I'm not gonna. Mental strength, mental strength... must... hold....out... Maybe watching Chael get his ass kicked by Bones will help ease ye olden curiosity.

  • I want this game so bad it hurts!

  • should be called heavy snow
  • Looks good. Too bad it's only for the PS. What a shame. Guess I'll go look forward to some other games.
  • k, i only watched for like 5 seconds literally, to see the graphics, but i don't want any spoilers...i'll wait until the game comes out (first day buy)...loved heavy rain...lately, i've been preferring storytelling and interactive gameplay instead of actual action...call me crazy, but i prefer better stories nowadays...*playing back to the future series, walking dead (again), and sam & max beyond time...
  • I kinda wanted Aiden to lose his *** at the end and kill all those jag-weeds..
  • I wish I understood what the fuss is about. This looks incredibly dull to me.
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